Welcome to StripCAD!

StripCAD is a stripboard (a.k.a. "Veroboard") circuit CAD program for Windows and Wine/Linux. After 10 years without bug reports, it is now time for version 1.00. The following files can be downloaded from this directory:

StripCAD32.exe Latest version of 32-bit StripCAD for 32-bit Windows
StripCAD32.md5   MD5 checksum for 32-bit StripCAD
StripCAD64.exe Latest version of 64-bit StripCAD for 64-bit Windows
StripCAD64.md5   MD5 checksum for 64-bit StripCAD

Latest manual for StripCAD (also available inside StripCAD)


mechatronics.stc Example of a mechatronics application on a Eurocard-size stripboard. The board contains a serial port PC-interface, a 2-channel bidirectional optoisolator for the I2C bus, an I2C monitor, a microprocessor circuit, a strain-gauge bridge with an  instrument amplifier, and a DC-motor driver.
breadbdx.stc   Example of using StripCAD to design breadboard circuits

Martin Nilsson, RISE SICS   2017-05-12